We’re Now Tracking 12 New Game Categories From Google Play

12 new game categories added to google play

Google recently improved game discovery in the Play store by adding 12 new game categories. We’re now tracking all of those categories so you can easily check which apps are ranking high (with the Top Apps report) or how any app is trending (with the Ranks report).

Here’s the full list in case you’re curious:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Board
  • Casino
  • Educational
  • Family
  • Music
  • Role Playing
  • Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Trivia
  • Word

New: Export Reports to Excel

Not too long ago we overhauled our exporting system to support two new common formats. Today we’re extending exporting support to a new format: Excel (.xlsx).

Export to Excel

While at it, we also made exporting more flexible by adding a custom second breakdown. You can now export your sales and ads reports broken down by any combination of: products, countries, or dates.

FYI – With this update we also retired the legacy TSV format that’s been deprecated a few months ago.

We Now Support Chartboost and InMobi

We have great news for developers who are monitizing with Chartboost and InMobi. Today we’re rolling out integrations for both ad networks!

appFigures now support Chartboost and InMobi

To link your Chartboost or InMobi accounts, simply go into Account settings > Linked accounts.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about the new integrations.

More integrations are coming!

If Chartboost or InMobi aren’t the networks you use, don’t worry, we’ve got a few more integrations in the pipeline. We’re always looking for beta testers, so if you’d like to help just let us know.

Download Reviews With Ease

A lot has changed since we first rolled out the new reviews report. Today we’re rolling out one of the most requested additions – review downloading.

export blog

Downloading your reviews is as easy as exporting any of your other reports. Just head over to the new reviews report, click the button and select “Download”. The downloaded file will include all of the reviews currently visible on your screen, sorted and filtered.

Pro tip – By default the report displays (and exports) 10 reviews at a time. You can easily get more by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting a different number of reviews per page.

We Now Support the New AdMob

As you may already know, Google recently gave AdMob a complete makeover. While the new UI is great it no longer works with the old AdMob API which is why members who migrated to the new AdMob stopped getting new ad reports.

We now support the new AdMob API and highly recommend linking your new AdMob account by going into Account settings → Linked accounts. Linking the new account will should bring in new reports within the hour and will not cause any duplication of old data.

Legacy notice: We’re keeping support for legacy AdMob accounts, so if you don’t have a new AdMob account you don’t need to take any action right now.

Reviews for iBooks, Faster Search, and More…

We’re never really “done” with a report or feature, but are always working hard to make them even better. For the last few months we’ve been doing just that for the new Reviews report, and here are the most recent updates:

We’re now importing reviews for iBooks

By popular demand, we’re now showing reviews for iBooks in the new report. iBook reviews get all the new features that up until now were only available to apps. Enjoy!

Scanning for new reviews more often

To be able to add all the new features to reviews we had to switch away from real-time scans to scanning for new reviews in the background. Initially we started with a scan every few days but have been scaling that and are now scanning for new reviews multiple times per day so your reviews should always be up to date.

Keyword and author search is faster

We’ve been making infrastructure improvements so searches are now even snappier than before.

Improved integration with email reports

Email reports are now getting fed the most recent reports so you can stay up to date. Reviews can be translated to the language of your choice as well.

To change how reviews are displayed in your email reports go to Account settings > Email Reports →

A brand new API route

Up until now the new reviews engine was not available through the API. In v2 of our API all of the new features were added to a completely redesigned route that’s simple and intuitive.

Check out the documentation for more details.

We’re Now Tracking Featured Apps on Google Play

More than 3,000 apps are being featured on Google Play around the world right now. One of those apps just might be yours!

Finding if and where your apps are featured on Google Play is a manual and grueling task. Well, we have good news: we’re now tracking featured apps from Google Play so you don’t have to.

Go ahead and check out the Featured report to see if and where your apps are being featured right now. The featured report updates several times per day so it’s always up to date and covers the Google Play store on mobile devices as well as tablets.

New: Automatic Invoice Forwarding


We want to make every aspect of the time you spend with appFigures seamless, even the billing process. That’s why we built a new invoice forwarding option that allows you to add multiple recipients to receive each invoice. Head over to Account Settings → Invoices to add more recipients and say goodbye to monthly, internal forwarding.

New: Automatic Backups to Dropbox

appFigures + Dropbox

You know that sinking feeling you get when realizing you lost something you didn’t back up? That’s actually one of the reasons we started appFigures as a cloud platform. Our trusty servers provide redundant storage for your important data just in case you ever lose it.

While this type of convenience has pretty much become an industry standard since the wild west days of the App Store, we decided to take it even further. We’re really excited to unveil our new automatic integration with Dropbox, available to all premium plan members.

To turn it on, just head over to Account Settings → Add-ons and enable Dropbox Backup.

Once it’s enabled all the data in your appFigures Archive (new and existing) will be delivered to your Dropbox account automatically. After all, you can never have enough backup.