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Seeing Inaccurate Data for 9/23/09′s Report?

On this otherwise fine Thursday morning we’ve discovered that some daily reports for 9/23/09 that were auto-imported brought with them inaccurate data. We suspect that this stems from the issues iTunes Connect has been experiencing in the last few days.

To correct the issue and retrieve accurate data:

* If auto import is turned on for your account we will be doing that automatically for you within the next hour. After that we will also be re-sending today’s daily email report.

1. Log into your account and navigate to the Archive

2. Locate the daily report for 9/23/09 and remove it by clicking the red x to its right

3. Navigate to the Sync with iTunes page and start an import.

Feel free to contact us directly if you are having problems, or need additional help recovering the correct report.