Google Play Update

12:24pm est – We’re seeing new reports for the missing days as well as yesterday being imported right now.

Earlier this week we started noticing reports from Google Play were coming in later than usual. Then, on Wednesday, reports stopped coming out altogether. We don’t have a way to confirm, but we believe this delay is affecting most Google Play developers.

If you are missing downloads or sales reports for your Google Play or have incomplete figures this is most likely the reason.

We’ve reached out to Google and will post an update when they reply. We’re also keeping an eye on the situation and will update this post as soon as something changes. In the meantime, check out the Google Play status page for real time updates.

Happy Data Privacy Day 2014!


Privacy is central to our philosophy here at appFigures, so when Data Privacy Day became an international day of awareness, we got really excited. If you don’t already know, Data Privacy Day is a global effort to empower people to protect their privacy online. This year we’re happy to be joining a growing list of official DPD Champions to help spread the message.

In honor of DPD, we wanted to offer a privacy tip/reminder:

When linking an app store or ad network account to your appFigures account take a minute or two and create a special sub user for appFigures with a strong password. This way you do not need to share your main credentials with anyone.

You can learn more about DPD and pick up other privacy tips here.

Or, you can follow in the footsteps of our friends at Moms With Apps and ACT and take initiative to provide more transparency in your apps with their Know What’s Inside™ program.

Reminder: Annual iTunes Connect Shutdown

iTunes Connect is closed for the holidays

It’s that time of the year again when iTunes Connect goes silent for a week. If you haven’t gotten the official email, here’s the gist:

Between Saturday, 12/21 and Friday, 12/27 iTunes Connect will be down for its official holiday break. Sales reports will be importing normally, but Apple warns that there may be delays. iAd and financial reports will not be syncing at all during the break.

As per tradition, we will be keeping an eye on iTunes Connect during the shut down and will update this post if anything changes.

If you haven’t already linked your iTunes Connect to your appFigures account, or want to link a new account, there is no time like the present.

iOS + Mac Ranks Are Now Stable

A few weeks ago Apple made some changes to its network. These changes prevented our ranks aggregation platform from getting hourly ranks consistently for some countries. After a few weeks of intense work and several major updates to our platform we’re happy to say that hourly ranks for iOS and Mac apps are now stable again.

Changing feed formats and locations are things we’ve gotten used to over the years. This time however the modifications needed on our side required changes to our core importing architecture and more scale. Both requiring a considerable amount of time and testing. More time than we normally need.

Now that ranks are stable again we want to thank you for being patient and understanding with us.

Something Is Wrong With iTunes Connect Today

Update (3/18 6pm est): It looks like iTunes Connect has been fixed. The spikes have been removed and the downloads now match the raw reports.

Earlier today we started receiving reports about differences in data between iTunes Connect and appFigures. All the reports had the same pattern: iTC is showing more downloads than appFigures, and the data shown in iTC for yesterday (3/18) is significantly higher than expected.

After reviewing multiple reports and comparing raw data from the appFigures archive to raw data in iTC it seems there is no discrepancy at all in the raw numbers. When we then compare these numbers to what’s displayed in our iTC graph, it appears that what Apple’s showing is too high. This makes us think the issue stems from iTC. The raw report Apple provides, which is what we import into your account, just doesn’t match the graphs or tables in the iTC dashboard.

You can double check this by going into your iTC account’s Sales page, downloading the raw reports and adding up the units manually, then comparing to the graphs in the iTC dashboard.

So if you were really excited about today’s spike in sales we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news but it’s probably just a mistake on Apple’s side :(

We believe that the sales data currently in your appFigures account is the correct version, but we can’t know for sure until there’s word from Apple. Either way we’ll make sure that your appFigures account is in sync.

FYI – We reached out to Apple about this issue and will update this post when/if we get a response.

Service Outage

As of 5:20pm EST (Oct 31) we are back online!

Good morning everyone.

Hurricane Sandy blazed through NYC last night and unfortunately the aftermath includes some crucial network infrastructure that’s powering the appFigures platform.

Here’s what’s going on. We’ll keep updating this post with news as we get them:

First things first – Our team has made it safely through the worst parts last night. Winds are still blowing here but we’re told the storm is behind us.

On to business:

  • Last night our data center lost power due to flooding in the area. The data center switched to generator power and everything was still up and running.
  • 12:00am EST: Several upstream providers started experiencing generator failures which affected traffic from some ISPs. A large number of members were still able to access both the platform.
  • 4:00am: We were able to bring the site and API back up with an infrastructure hack using one of the working peers to handle all traffic. The platform should now be accessible to all members.
  • 7:00am: Our data center lost connectivity, most likely due to power failure. Because of flooding the operations team hasn’t been allowed back in to restore power.
  • 7:45pm: We’ve just been informed that the data center has been re-opened and the operations team is working with the building’s maintenance crews to get the generator back up.
  • 10/31 1:45am: We’re still waiting for the data center’s building maintenance crews to bring the main generator up and restore power to the data center.
  • 3:10am: Generator power has been restored to our data center and servers are currently in the process of being started.
  • 4:30am: All of our servers have been brought up and we’re currently testing their state to ensure they are ready to accept traffic. Stay tuned.
  • 5:15am: We have restored service to all web and API nodes. You should now be able to access the site :]

    We’re working to bring up background services right now and will be sending out email reports for 10/29 shortly.

    We’re investigating the following issues:
    - Non working reviews (classic)
    - Non working reviews (beta)
    - Inability to sync with Google Play
    - Inability to sync with Amazon Appstore

  • 6:10am: Bad news… It looks like connectivity was lost just now. We’re not sure what’s the cause just yet.
  • 6:50am: We have confirmed that the loss of connectivity is due to generator failure. Engineers are on-site and checking the generator. Fingers crossed it’s something simple.
  • 12:15pm: We’re being told a generator parts are being rushed down to the data center right now.
  • 5:20pm: Power has been restored to the data center. Yay!

    We’re bringing up services and should have both the site and API running right now.

    Some areas of the site may take a little longer to come up as there are a few services that are still in the process of starting up.

    Keep in mind: Utility power still hasn’t been restored to the data center, so the site is literally running on diesel. Hopefully everything will keep going smoothly but we’re not completely out of the woods just yet.

  • 11/3 8:00am: Utility power has been restored to our data center.

We’re really sorry about this everyone! In this day and age catastrophes like hurricane Sandy, while devastating, should not take a platform like ours down.

We really appreciate all the good words you guys are tweeting and posting to us and want you to know we’re doing the best we can to bring everything back up as soon as possible.

While down you can find us on twitter and

Possible Incomplete Reports From iTunes Connect for 6/24

Earlier today we discovered that iTunes Connect reports for 6/24 were generated prematurely by Apple and may contain incomplete data. We found this out however after importing those reports and sending them out by email.

It looks like Apple has resolved this issue and that iTunes Connect reports are now correct. While this doesn’t seem to be affecting all developers it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, if auto import is turned on for your account we’ll be re-importing the correct reports and resending them by email within the next few hours.

If you are on a free account or don’t have auto import turned on please follow the steps below to ensure your data is complete:

1. Go into your Archive page and delete the daily report for 6/24.
2. Re-sync your reports.

If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Recent Amazon Changes

Earlier this week Amazon rolled out a major update to their Appstore reporting site. While the update was mostly cosmetic there were also some changes under the good that caused our importers stop importing data.

If your reports did not include complete figures for your Amazon apps this is why.

Our team worked through the night and have rolled out an update to our importers that brings back full functionality, and as a bonus we now also have support for the new store fronts Amazon will be opening this summer!

All systems are now go. If for any reason you’re still having issues with your linked Amazon account please let us know.

* Hourly ranks from the Amazon Appstore were not affected by this change.

Google Adds Sub-User Support to Google Play

Earlier today Google announced a great addition to Google Play, sub-user support. This means that you no longer have to use your main username and password to link Google Play to your appFigures account.

We made the necessary changes on our end to support this new feature so go ahead, link away.

Good Morning

UPDATE: Access to the site has now been restored for all users.
UPDATE #2: Access to the API has now been restored as well.

We’re currently having some issues that are preventing most users from logging in. We are working on getting this resolved and will update this post with any new info.

Sorry about this!