Reminder: iTunes Connect’s Annual Holiday Shutdown Starts Tomorrow

It’s that time again when the trees get lit up and the good folks who run iTunes Connect get a little breather. Although, this year’s shutdown is a little bit different.

First thing’s first, dates. This year’s holiday shutdown will start on Tuesday, December 22nd, and last until Wednesday, December 29th.

What’s different this year is that most of iTunes Connect will actually remain available. This includes all areas we particularly care about, which means you’ll be getting your reports regularly. We’re not sure if there will be any delays, but recommend keeping an eye on our iTunes Connect Status Page for real-time updates.

What you should be aware of is that you won’t be able to submit any new apps, in-app purchases, or app bundles. In addition, you won’t be able to make any changes to your app’s meta data. This includes price changes, so if you’ve got a promotion in mind you should make the change right away.

You can read more about the shutdown here.

We’ll be around this week so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Happy holidays!

Minor Discrepancy for iOS/Mac Apps

Earlier today we discovered a discrepancy in download for iOS and Mac apps for Oct 26th. We investigated the issue and discovered this is a result of a recent change Apple made to iTunes Connect reports. We are now re-importing the correct data and will re-send any affected email reports.

The technical details:

Earlier today Apple added a new, undocumented, download type to some daily reports which was counted towards total downloads. While we are still investigating what kind data this new type represents, we are fairly certain it should not be counted as downloads, and are in the process of separating it out.

We’ve reached out to Apple to learn more about this undocumented identifier so we can integrate it into our reports appropriately, and will have a separate update about that.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Amazon to Pay Developers by Usage With New Service Underground

Amazon Underground

Monetizing your app isn’t as straightforward as selecting a price tier these days. Revenue today can come from ads, app downloads, in-app purchases, and even subscription.

Today, Amazon rolled out a totally new way to make money from your Android app – usage. That’s right, not downloads, but usage.

Amazon Underground

Amazon has several interesting requirements for inclusion in Underground. Here’s the gist:

  • The app must already exist and be available on an app store that isn’t Amazon’s (apps can’t be made specifically for Amazon Underground without special permission).
  • The app must already be generating revenue (as a paid or freemium app).
  • The app must be available for download on at least one non-amazon device.
  • You must create a free version of the app, but its gameplay/functionality can’t be different than the original app.

The complete set of requirements can be found here.

If you already have a qualified app jump over to Underground’s Revenue Estimator to see what publishing would mean for you.

85% of Android apps “just work” on Amazon

According to Amazon, 85% of Android apps “just work” when submitted to the Amazon Appstore. That means that the apps you already published on Google Play should “just work” and potentially provide you with additional revenue, especially with Underground.

Amazon has a free testing service you can use to see if your apps will “just work”. Give it a try.

FYI – Last summer we looked into how many developers actually cross-publish their apps and noticed less than 6% of Android developers post to both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Amazon is certainly trying to change that with Underground.

What’s the catch?

Amazon has been a bit ahead of Google and Apple with developer tools since their Appstore went live. The main problem is that their user-base, developer-base, and also app-base are tiny in comparison to their competitors. Unlike Apple, Amazon apps are built on Android, which means they can “share” their user-base.

To us this looks a lot like an attempt by Amazon to attract users with free games. It’s a breath of fresh air for users who are getting tired of in-app purchases, and it provides a great incentive for developers to make more engaging apps and games.

if this works (and is sustainable for Amazon) it’d be a win-win for the entire ecosystem.

More Daily Reports for iOS/Mac Apps and iBooks

For years iTunes Connect had a limited number of daily reports it made available. First it was 7, then 14, and as of last week 30. And although Apple also provides weekly, monthly and yearly reports, looking at more coarse data just isn’t the same. Well, it looks like someone at Apple was happy last week, because that limit has been increased to a whopping 365 days. That’s 365 daily sales reports for apps and also for iBooks.

Small but important note: it looks like although the limit is 365 days, as of right now the earliest date we can go back to is November 10th, 2014 (only 176 days).

We’re in the process of importing every available report, so everyone who signed up after 11/10/14 will be able to go back further than 30 days in daily view.

Importing historic reports should not change your all-time totals. Those totals take into account all available report sets.

If you are on a paid plan this will all happen automatically. If you are not, we highly recommend syncing all of your linked iTunes Connect accounts to get all of that historic data. No rush though, you can now take your time.

Coming Soon: appFigures Data in Your Adobe Analytics Dashboard

appFigures + Adobe

Earlier today Adobe announced that appFigures will soon be providing app store data to Adobe Analytics. That’s huge news for us and the timing couldn’t be any better, as next week we’ll be turning six!

We work hard to make app store analytics accessible, so when Adobe reached out to us a few months ago we were very excited to extend the data we’re already providing beyond the walls of appFigures. We know that the more data you have the better decisions you can make, and that’s the key to success.

We like working with Adobe for many reasons, but one that is very important to us is their approach to handling sensitive data, which is very similar to ours – your private data is yours, not ours. That’s why we don’t sell or share it with anyone.

Adobe’s Analytics Dashboards provides a variety of marketing metrics, and coming soon, those metrics will include a variety of app store metrics, including: detailed app downloads and revenue, hourly ranks, and app ratings. The integration, which we’re working to release later in April, will be available as a free add-on to all enterprise and publisher accounts.

We’re planning to start testing the integration later this month. If you’re using Adobe Analytics and would like to help with testing please get in touch.

Heads Up: Issue With iTunes Connect

We noticed a lot of commotion on Twitter this morning about iTunes Connect logging some developers into other developers’ accounts.

It looks like there’s an actual issue with iTunes Connect that Apple is aware of because iTunes Connect has been taken down and is still down as of right now. It’s too soon to know whether any sensitive information was made available.

We take security quite seriously and have stopped syncing with iTunes Connect to ensure we don’t contaminate any accounts unnecessarily. After investigating our records, it looks like our reports were not affected. We only import data that Apple makes available in their sales and financial reports, and at this point it looks like those imported today are not contaminated.

If you do see something odd in your account, however, please let us know.

FYI – iTunes Connect is currently down, so syncing or linking accounts is not possible. We’re keeping an eye on the situation and will post an update once it is back up.

Update: As of 3:30PM EST iTunes Connect is back online.

Apple App Store Price Adjustments

Earlier today Apple announced it will be making changes to app prices in Europe. While we won’t have the specifics until the changes are made, we know that prices will increase in Europe, Canada, and Norway, decrease in Iceland, and change in Russia.

appFigures uses the reports from Apple and not hard coded prices or percentages. This means the reported revenue will automatically adjust to those changes as they happen. There’s nothing you need to do on your end.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

From Apple:

iTunes Connect’s Annual Break Starts 12/22

It’s that time again folks, 2014 is coming to an end, bringing a fresh new holiday season upon us. As per tradition, Apple will be shutting down iTunes Connect between December 22nd and the 29th. During the shutdown iTunes Connect will not be accessible, so you won’t be able to submit new apps or update existing ones.

One thing Apple says we will be able to do this year, that we didn’t in previous ones, is change prices mid-break.

Will the App Store freeze this year?

Going off of what we’ve seen in the last few years we believe ranks won’t freeze this year at all. While the added volume of downloads during the holiday season may slow down how often top charts change, we believe they will continue to update.

Will downloads and revenue reports continue to update?

Yes. Sales and downloads data for iOS and Mac apps will continue to update throughout the break, which means the site, API, and email reports will continue to work as expected.

Since iTunes Connect will be offline, however, you won’t be able to link any new iTunes Connect accounts during the break.

Happy Holidays!

Incomplete Daily Reports From Apple for 8/9

Earlier today we started receiving reports from members stating that their figures for yesterday (8/9) are incorrect. Upon further examination it seems that for some developers, the raw reports we receive from Apple are missing some regions, and that for some developers reports are simply unavailable for us to import.

This has happened before with Apple but it’s pretty rare and is usually resolved within a few hours with a new set of reports. Today, as of 6:30pm EST, there have not been any new reports from Apple nor any sort of explanation.

If your downloads look off today or are not there at all it’s most likely due to an incomplete or missing report.

We’ve contacted Apple about the missing data and are continuing to check for updated reports. We’ll update this post with any update we find.

Update (8/11 – 11am EST): It looks like Apple has just released new daily reports for 8/9. We’re confirming that all reports are now available and will start re-syncing shortly after.

Update (8/11 – 2:30pm EST): We’ve started re-syncing reports. Expect an update by email soon.

Update (8/11 – 3:00pm EST): All reports for 8/9 have been updated for accounts with auto import turned on. If you are on a free plan please follow the instructions below to ensure your data is complete:

  1. Locate the report in your Archive page and delete it. This is a permanent action so make sure you delete the correct report.
  2. Go to the Sync page and re-sync your iTunes Connect account(s).

Five Apps to Play Ball During the MLB All-Star Game

The 2014 MLB All-Star Game is sure to be action-packed, and emotionally-charged, as it marks the last for baseball legend, Derek Jeter. As preparations begin in Minnesota, make sure you’re ready for the big game with our favorite baseball apps.

  • At Bat


    With this official app for the MLB, no matter where you are, you’re never far from your favorite team. It provides game highlights and breaking news. You also have the option of accessing premium features for a monthly subscription of $2.99, which allows you to watch every out-of-market game.

    View on: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon

  • Home Run Derby ’14


    This game allows you to choose from home run derby participants between 2010-2014. Compete against people around the world in 10-player live multiplayer games, or get some practice in against the AI players in single-player derby mode.

    View on: iTunes

  • Team Stream by Bleacher Report


    Although it’s not solely for baseball, Team Stream give you scores, stories, and tweets for your teams via push notifications, so you can stay current on what’s going on, even if you can’t watch the game.

    View on: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon

  • At the Ballpark


    If you’re planning on going to the game, but aren’t familiar with the Twin’s turf, Target Field, be sure to download the At the Ballpark app, for the rundown on all the interactive ballpark attractions and features, which utilize iBeacon technology. You can also post pictures at the park, and share on social media.

    View on: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon

  • CBS Sports Fantasy


    Ensure your fantasy team is stacked with All-Stars this season. CBS Sports Fantasy provides season projections, player updates, a draft companion, and everything else you need to manage your team on the go.

    View on: iTunes | Google Play