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Heads Up: Financial Reports Published by Apple for August May Contain Erroneous Data

Earlier today we started receiving complaints from some members claiming new apps that do not belong to them “magically” appeared in their appFigures account.

We immediately started looking for the root cause and after much searching discovered the new apps were added because they were present in new financial reports Apple has just published for the month of August. This is something worth repeating – Apple has published financial reports that include apps + sales data that belongs to other developers.

Edit (9/4 5:30pm EST): After careful examination of the erroneous reports it seems that Apple is giving some developers what looks like other developers’ data. Check your financial reports for August.

Edit (9/5 11:45pm EST): It seems that Apple has pulled the financial reports for August from iTunes Connect and also disabled the ability to download older financial reports. We get this message when trying to download a report:

Edit (9/7 10:30am EST): Apple has re-enabled downloading of financial reports from iTunes Connect. Reports for August are nowhere to be seen though…

We still don’t know how many members were affected by this issue. If you have apps that do not belong to you in your appFigures account please contact us directly.

We’ve sent a note to Apple to confirm but they haven’t replied yet. We’ll post their reply if/when it is received.

Feel free to leave a comment about your situation.

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