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Bring Your App Data Into The Adobe Marketing Cloud

Bring your app data into Adobe® Marketing Cloud with Appfigures

Having all of your actionable data in a single place is critical for staying competitive. It’s as true for apps as it is for any other business. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Adobe to enable streaming accurate app data from Appfigures right into the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The integration is completely automated, and set up is a breeze — Enable the add-on in your Appfigures account, then activate the Appfigures data connector in your Marketing Cloud with the key from your Appfigures account.

Once you set up the integration, the Adobe Marketing Cloud will automatically connect to your Appfigures account and pull the following metrics:

  • App downloads
  • App revenue
  • Subscriptions & In-app payments
  • Rankings
  • Reviews

Those metrics will then be available for you to add to your existing dashboards automatically within 24 hours.

The Adobe Marketing Cloud integration is a free add-on that’s available to all Enterprise members. Set up the integration or get in touch to learn more about our Enterprise plan.

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