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Did You Know You Can Use a Sub iTunes Connect Account With appFigures?

Lately we’ve seen a lot of chatter from users who want to enable the auto importing capabilities of appFigures but are hesitant to use their main iTunes Connect username and password because it allows full access to their account.

There is a simple solution – use a sub iTunes Connect account with limited access!

It’s very simple, all you have to do is log into your iTC account and create a sub user account with access only to reports. Then link that account to your appFigures account and you’re all done.

Here’s how you create a sub iTunes account:

  1. Start by logging into your iTunes Connect account and click ‘Manage Users’
  2. Select ‘Itunes Connect Users’
  3. Click the ‘Add New User’ button (blue button – top left corner)
  4. Type in your name and email address (which will become your username)
  5. Check the ‘Finance’ role checkbox (last on the right) and click ‘Continue’
  6. Notifications are not required to make appFigures work, so click the ‘Finish’ button and you’re all set.

Keep in mind, we protect the security and privacy of your iTC credentials (and your other data as well) at all times and have many security measures in place to make sure your data remains private.

If you need more help with using sub iTC accounts feel free to contact us directly.

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