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Don’t Get Locked Out Of iTunes Connect

We got a good number of questions from members today whose iTunes Connect account was locked by Apple.

Apple says the following about this in their FAQ: “For your protection, your Apple ID is automatically disabled (partially) if your account password is incorrectly entered numerous times.” Read the full FAQ.

When building our syncing system we put a lot of effort into making sure we always play nice and avoid actions that may lock users’ accounts. Nevertheless, following today’s reports we went through all the logs and re-read the code looking for possible clues. After a thorough review we are confident that we are not causing those lockouts.

Still looking for an explanation, we noticed that the members who reported getting locked out have provided the same ITC credentials they use with appFigures to at least one other reporting service. This helped confirm our assessment.

We recommend creating a separate sub-user in iTunes Connect for appFigures so even if those other services cause lockouts your appFigures account will still sync properly.