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Even More Good Android News

It looks like March turned out to be the month of Android! Earlier this month we rolled out support for developers outside of the U.S, we started tracking hourly Android ranks from 16 new countries, and added support for sub-user access to Google Play. To close the month, we have even more good news for Android developers.

Google recently overhauled its reporting system for free Android apps. Included in those changes were exportable CSV reports–something we’ve been waiting a long time for.

Today we’re happy to announce improved reports for free Android apps:

  • Downloads by country, making the By Country report fully functional for all Android apps.
  • Updates, just like iOS and Mac apps.
  • Accessible historic data. That’s right, we can now get daily downloads data.
    * We discovered that Google won’t return daily data before 11/27/2011, even for apps that have been on the store for longer.

So, if your Google Play account is currently linked and you have auto import activated we’ve already got all of your available data imported and ready to go. If you haven’t linked your Google Play account yet, now is a good time do just that.