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Faster, Stronger, Better – Welcome Version 1.2

We’re excited, nay, delighted to bring you the new and improved appFigures version 1.2!

v1.2 brings a stronger and faster reporting engine, nifty new features, and UI improvements to make your appFigures experience smoother than ever before.

What’s new:

Improved integration for In-App purchases
In-App purchase items are now available in your app selection lists, allowing you to select them all, compare some, compare different items from various apps… You get the idea, it’s really flexible.

Ranks vs. Sales
Easily visualize the correlation between ranks and sales by overlaying the two.

Stronger Ranks report
We’ve redesigned the core of the ranks report to be faster and support wider date ranges in both hourly and daily modes.

Improved reporting engine
All reports have been re-engineered from the ground up to load faster and be more responsive. While that seems minor it’s a pretty big update.

“Sticky” report options
All chart options are “sticky” and will follow you across sessions, browsers, and even computers. Non-sticky settings can always be defined by going to Settings > Defaults.

Better support for mobile Safari
All charts have been redesigned to display properly in Safari on iPhones and iPods.

Resizable app selection lists
Ever wanted to resize the app selection drop down list to fit your apps? Now you can! App lists across all reports can be resized.

If you run into kinks, or are unable to access any of the new features, please contact us directly. We’re always here for you!