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Funny Yo. Reviews From The App Store

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Yo. has been taking the app store by storm. With $1 Million in funding, and a media frenzy, the social networking app has been ascending the ranks with great velocity. It turns out most people have an opinion about it, so we thought it’d be fun to list of our 15 favorite reviews from around the world. Real or fake, these reviews are a great way to end the week:


  • Game changing

    Yo is one of the single greatest communication tools our generation has seen yet, the new phone call, text, Skype etc. is Yo!

    by MCR ALL DAY | United States


  • Just what i needed.

    I feel like im reborn, never in my life an app just translated all my feelings into a coherent sentences.

    by Mauroleon | Mexico


  • Revolutionary

    Science has proven that dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals out there. Humans teach dolphins how to communicate and train them how to speak. But we never have been able to speak back. Until now.Yo. Has made it possible to finally communicate with dolphins. All you have to do is Yo. Them. They Yo. Back. Now my best friend just got married to a 9 year old male dolphin because of Yo. They are very happy together. Thank you Yo. God bless.

    by Smash hit lover| Mexico


  • Ground Breaking

    Yo is a new, innovative way to keep in touch. It cuts away at all the anxiety of worrying about what to say, and brings conversations down to their bare basics. Yo has changed my life for the better, now I’m keeping in touch with people I haven’t seen in years, and I owe it all to Yo. This app is starting to catch on, and it will spread like wildfire. Spread the word about this ingenious app, and make the world a better place.

    by BirchBook | United States


  • I.

    Since yo. I, again, my life has a meaning.

    by yoblabla | Germany


  • This. Changes. Everything.

    Before this app I was a nobody. Now I’m still a nobody. But I have this amazing app that lets me communicate like never before. I have now overcome my fear of public speaking because there is no need to speak publicly when I can just send “Yo” to people. I look forward to the time when the entirety of the English language is replaced by the word “Yo”.

    by tactical_turtleneck | United States


  • Yo saved my life

    I was in a hostage situation held up in a bnak with 20 other hostages, the protagonist and leader of the bank bust had a phone jammer in which i could not contact the outside world. I found wifi in a corner of a meeting room and Yo’d my best friend who immediatley called the police, showed up and saved the day. I am in debt with my life to yo. It also changed the way i communicate with my friends and family. Thank you Yo. 5 star app. ADD ME @ YOSK

    by FatSackMac | United States


  • Yo I love this app

    Yo is an app that is ages ahead of its time. It offers simple communication at the push of a button. I don’t know how I even communicated before YO!

    by BadBoyBenson | United States


  • In a world…

    In a world where we need an app to do the job of 1980’s technology but dumbed down

    by theguy7 | United States


  • Very cool app.

    A yo, sometimes says it all…

    by Chr. | Germany


  • I.

    I’m from Philly, so saying Yo is very important to me. Thank you, Yo!

    by askrom | Philly, United States


  • I can predict the future with Yo

    Getting YOs from THEWORLDCUP actually come in before they air on the Watch ESPN App. So know I can predict the future. Thank you, Yo!

    by rosskucsera | United States


  • Useless app

    Not sure what it’s meant to do but it seems useless and a waste of time

    by Whycantiusemyname | United Kingdom



    Usually I don’t write app reviews, but yo, this app is the next big thing

    by A random review writer | United States


  • ????¿¿??

    isn’t this just like paging someone?

    by Tigerstar3000 | Canada