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Hello Amazon Appstore

Three years ago we were inspired to create appFigures by the idea that you should never be more than a few clicks away from the freshest data about your apps. When we started building the platform there was only one App Store for us to focus on, but as the industry has been growing and maturing so have we. We’re always working our tushes off to keep with our original goal and (among other things) extend everything appFigures has to offer to the app stores you care about.

As you probably know, in the last few months we rolled out support for Google Play and Google Checkout. Today we’re super excited to announce support for Amazon’s Appstore!

You can now track downloads and sales for your apps and in-app purchases as well as view hourly ranks for any app in the Amazon Appstore. Both sales and ranks are available via the site as well as the API.

To link your Amazon account just go into Account > Linked Accounts, and click “Link New Account”.

We’re planning to add support for more major app stores and advertising networks in the future. If there’s a store you’d like to see in particular please let us know.