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Hello China!

We’ve just added support for China, Apple’s newest payment region.

Starting today when you check your Payment reports you might see one more region.

Since the new region has been added in the middle of the month, profits from sales before support was added will be reported in the World Wide region. Profits from sales that occurred after the addition of the new region will appear in the new China region.

Here’s Apple’s original email:

Due to our recently added support in the China App Store for customer payments in Chinese Yuan (CNY), China will become its own report region. Moving forward, the China (CNY) financial report will be available on the Earnings tab in the Payments and Financial Reports module in iTunes Connect.

Additionally, because support was added during November, financial reports for November earnings from sales of your Apps in China will be split into two reports. Earnings from sales that occurred before support was added will be reported in the Rest of World (USD) financial report, and earnings from sales that occurred after this change will be reported separately in the new China (CNY) financial report.