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How To – Selecting Which Apps to Track With appFigures

Last week we announced that members will soon be able to select which apps to track with appFigures. By selecting to track only the apps you want you will reduce clutter and avoid paying for apps you don’t want tracked.

This post explains how our billing system works and how to select apps to track. (Portions of this post will also be available in the updated F.A.Q soon).

How our billing system works

We bill monthly at the end of your billing cycle. We do that because we bill based on the number of apps in your account. If you’ve upgraded during the trial period your monthly billing cycle will begin at the end of your trial. Otherwise your cycle will begin when you upgrade.

At the end of your billing cycle appFigures will count the number of apps that are, or have been, active in your account during that period, add them up, apply any available discounts (promotions, bulk discounts, etc.) and invoice it to the credit card you have on file.

When calculating the number of apps appFigures will include any apps that have been active during the billing period regardless of how long they were active for. This means that if you deactivate an app mid-cycle you will still be charged for it at the end of that cycle (but won’t in the following).

What about new apps?

You get to decide! We’ve added an option to your account – “Auto activate new apps” – that lets you choose whether you want new apps to be activated automatically or not. The option is enabled by default and can be turned on or off by going to your Account > Plan.

What’s the difference, you ask? It’s simple. If you have selected to “Auto activate”, when appFigures detects a new app in your reports it will automatically activate it, email you, and import data for it so you don’t lose a single figure. If you have selected not to “Auto activate” however, basic app information will be saved, deactivated, in your account, data will not be imported, and an email will be sent to you asking you if you want to activate the app or not.

How to select apps

It all starts in the app management tab of the settings page (Account > Plan & Apps).

The apps tab allows you to activate and deactivate apps currently in your account. To stop tracking an app locate it in the list and click the “Deactivate” link to its right. An alert will popup asking you to confirm the action (tracking will fully stop when deactivated so don’t deactivate unless you really mean it) and click the OK button.

The app will remain in your account, deactivated, and will no longer be tracked by appFigures. This means no auto-import, email reports, rank tracking, or reviews. The app will also not be included in your invoice in upcoming billing cycles.

You may activate this app again at any time and all those services will continue in full.

Members who haven’t upgraded yet should deactivate any unwanted apps before upgrading. When you are ready to upgrade the upgrade page will display an accurate count of active and inactive apps along with an accurate total of charges.

Members who have upgraded already should deactivate any unwanted apps and then view updated pricing information by going to Account > Plan. Apps deactivated before your trial ends will not be included in your bill.

Common questions & answers

1. Can I recover data for an inactive app later on?

Most likely not, but it depends on your case. If you get to this situation contact us and we’ll try to help.

2. Can I still see historic data for inactive apps?

Yes. While new data will not be imported any existing data will remain available.

3. Can I hide apps that I don’t want to see but still have reports imported for them and receive email reports for them?

Yes. In the apps tab you can “hide” an app which will make it invisible in your reports but it will be tracked and included in your email reports. Hiding apps helps members with a large number of apps who want to concentrate on a smaller list of apps.

You may hide and show apps at any time.

If you have any further questions regarding billing or need help upgrading feel free to contact us directly.

Ariel Michael and the appFigures Team.