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Improved Data Tables

Over the last few months Apple has introduced new data to iTunes Connect reports. We’ve started tracking this new information and have added it to data tables in all reports.

New information includes:

App Returns
The number of purchases that were refunded by Apple due to user request. A return means money was taken away from your account.

Promo Codes Used
The number of downloads that came from a promo code you handed out. Unfortunately there is no way to know which actual code was used…

Gifts Redeemed
The number of times your app was downloaded by a user that received it as a gift. Gifting apps results in two transactions in iTunes Connect reports, one for the actual purchase (not download), and for the actual download (no payment). Gift redeems show the number of downloads.

With this new data, we’ve changed the formula we use to calculate the total sales. The old formula was pretty straight forward, just downloads. The new formula, which takes into account all new inputs mentioned above is as follows:

Total Downloads = New Downloads + Promo Downloads – Returns

Gifts redeemed are not added as they do not reflect the actual purchase but only its download counterpart. The actual purchase was counted as a standard download when it happened.