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Incorrect Report for June 18th + Video Tutorial

We’ve been informed by some of our members that the daily report for June 18th 2009 is incorrect. This is due to an issue with iTunes Connect in which incorrect reports were published by Apple. Earlier today Apple has released the following statement:

Based on our records we have determined that your organization downloaded a sales report dated 06/18/09. We have identified a discrepancy in the data set that was used to create the reports. As such please delete your existing report dated 06/18/09 and please log into iTunes Connect to download an updated report with the correct data for 06/18/09. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to limit/prevent these types of issues. Please note that this issue only affects the daily report for June 18, 2009. No other daily or weekly reports are affected.

To import the new report into appFigures you’ll need to remove the incorrect report from the archive and then import the report via the Upload Report or Sync with iTunes sections.

We’ve created a short video tutorial that explains how to remove the incorrect data from your account and import the new report.

Please contact us directly if you have any more questions