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Introducing Appfigures for Android

Appfigures is now available for Android on Google Play

It’s finally here! The Appfigures mobile app is now live on Google Play. You can now access all of your app’s most important analytics right on your device, your Android device.

Download Appfigures on Google Play

Simple. Beautiful. Powerful.

Our mobile app, which is now available for both iOS and Android, is designed to highlight your data quickly and intuitively. Take a glance at the dashboard to get a quick look at your most important figures or drill down to see all the details.


  • See your bottom line in a single place, including app sales, in-app purchases, ad revenue, and subscriptions.
  • Keep track of your ad spend across all of your campaigns.
  • Monitor your ratings, read reviews translated into your language, and reply quickly.
  • Drill down into any report with pivots by date, product, country, and store.
  • And more.

Appfigures for Android is available to all members for free. Get it on Google Play.