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Introducing Explorer — A Powerful Mobile App Intelligence Platform

In today’s competitive environment, being successful requires making decisions that are based on more than just great instincts or some interesting anecdotes. When you’re making crucial business decisions or trying to identify your next big client, in-depth market insights aren’t just nice to have, they’re now an absolute must.

Whether you create apps or provide services to app publishers, most people’s access to accurate mobile market data tends to be limited and sparse. That’s why we built Explorer — a comprehensive mobile intelligence platform. Explorer is a powerful new business tool that leverages nearly a decade of our mobile analytics experience to deliver in-depth insights about apps, publishers, and SDKs.

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Gain insight into every major app market

Mobile App Intelligence with Appfigures Explorer

Explorer includes comprehensive data about every single app, from every major app store. We track mobile apps, desktop apps, and even connected TV apps. Beyond just making data accessible, we also make it easy to use by normalizing away the various differences between stores so your research is always efficient and consistent.

Turn data into insights

Explorer is all about helping you connect the dots. We use new machine-learning techniques, as well as time-tested data science to bring together data points from all corners of the mobile industry. Now you can locate apps, publishers, and SDKs with granular filters then size them up at a glance or go in depth. Here are the types of intelligent market data available in Explorer:

  • App Performance: Identify successful apps based on their vitals like ranks and ratings, as well as downloads and revenue estimates.
  • Rank momentum: Spot up-and coming apps easily based on how fast their ranks are changing, or when they reach a certain rank threshold. Our already industry-leading hourly rank data, combined with granular filters and real-time alerts will give you a few new super powers.
  • Audience Demographics: Now you can learn more about the people using an app, as well as find apps that are used by specific segments of the population. Our unique user data includes gender and age information about tens of thousands of popular apps.
  • Installed SDKs & Permissions: Explorer lets you pop the hood on any app to see exactly what it’s made of. Find out which apps use which SDKs, as well as which device permissions they require. You can also easily size-up mobile SDKs based on the number and type of apps that use them.
  • Ad Intelligence: Gain invaluable insight into what apps are doing to make themselves visible in their crowded market. Find apps based on their ad spending and dig into individual ad creatives to fine-tune your marketing strategy or find your next sales target.
  • Publisher and contact information: Learn more about the companies behind the apps with detailed company information including location, size, and cross-platform app portfolio.
  • Verified Contact info: Quality potential leads with detailed developer stats, then reach out using Explorer’s fresh and accurate contact emails and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Universal Apps: Most successful apps are available on more than one app store, so we’ve made it simple to track the same app across iOS, Google Play, Amazon, and even Windows.
  • Store Data: If you can see something on the store you can search by it on Explorer. Our comprehensive app database includes names, descriptions, version histories, file sizes, localization, and much, much more.

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Feature highlights

At its core Explorer is a powerful search engine with detailed app, publisher, and SDK profiles, as well as important conveniences and many useful integrations. Here are some of the features that make Explorer delightful to use.

Intuitive Search

Surfacing actionable insights requires eliminating noise from your search results. Explorer’s powerful search interface provides flexible filters that can be combined using modifiers, full text search, and logical operators to focus your searches and get the most relevant and actionable results, without the unnecessary noise.

Saved Searches & Automatic Alerts

Apps change all the time. Explorer lets you save your searches and then runs them in the background. When your results change, Explorer will send you alerts with the changes so you can react right away. This is a great way to find new competitors as soon as they appear, keep tabs on existing competitors, keep an eye on the growth of categories, and much more.

Export to Excel, Salesforce, and More

Download your results right into Excel and CSV, or send them to other popular apps and services like Salesforce, Google Sheets, Intercom, Pipedrive, and many others.

Start making smart decisions with Explorer today

Explorer is a culmination of years of research and development, and we are so excited to finally announce it today. We know that everyone needs an edge in today’s market, and if you create apps or provide service to publishers Explorer can help you get the edge you need to succeed. Schedule a demo to get started, or visit to learn more.