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Introducing Subscription Analytics

Subscription Analytics for iOS and Android Apps from Appfigures

Subscriptions are slowly taking over the app store. From calorie counting apps to text editors, many developers have started shifting their businesses towards recurring revenue.

To support the many developers who are monetizing with subscriptions, we’re rolling out a new report that focuses on tracking and analyzing the performance and revenue of subscriptions.

Essential Metrics

We designed the new subscriptions report to offer a consolidated view that’s easy to understand at a glance but also to dig in. The result is a familiar report that bring together the most important subscription metrics for all of your iOS, Mac, and Android apps.

The new report includes all of the metrics reported by the stores, as well as a set of calculated metrics like Churn and MRR and also aggregate metrics like Transitions.

17 New metrics:

  • Essential – Active subscriptions, Revenue, Activations, Cancellations
  • Advanced – MRR, Churn, 1st-Year/Non-1st-Year Subscriptions
  • Trial – Active trials, New Trials, Cancelled Trials, Trial Conversion Rate
  • Details – Transitions, Cancelled Subscriptions, New Subscriptions, Reactivations, Renewals

The new metrics can be viewed over time, by country, or for your entire app portfolio. Using the built-in overlay system you can also compare different metrics easily.

API Access

In addition to the new reports, we’ve also add a new route to the API so you can access subscriptions programmatically.


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 3515

  "active_subscriptions": 1623,
  "activations": 804,
  "cancellations": 51,
  "churn": 0.01,
  "mrr": 9120.23,

Check out the full documentation →

Understanding how your subscriptions are working is essential to optimizing your revenue, and our reports provide you with the high level data as well as the ability to really dig in. Go ahead and take the new reports for a spin and let us know what you think.

The new subscriptions report is available to all members across all plans, including free, paid, and Enterprise. Not tracking with us yet? Start your free trial →

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