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New: iPad Support for Keyword Ranks, Suggestions, Research, and Competitor Tracking

Did you know that Apple ranks apps in search results differently when searching from an iPad vs. an iPhone? That’s because not all apps are available across both devices, and also because apps that work great on the iPad may not be ideal on the iPhone.

When optimizing a universal app or iPad-only app, it’s important to look at data that’s coming right from the iPad App Store, which you can now do with the ASO tools you’re already used to thanks to our new complete support for the iPad App Store.

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What’s new:

See Competitiveness scores for any keyword on the iPad

Our Competitiveness score now takes into consideration the device as well, making it easier to find keywords that your app may not rank well on the iPhone but can on the iPad.

Get keyword suggestions tailored to the iPad

The keywords suggestion algorithm has been updated to handle devices, giving you relevant keywords you can use for your ASO for the iPhone and iPad separately.

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Discover keywords your apps are currently ranked in on the iPad

We now scan our entire keyword database through an iPad as well as the iPhone, so you can quickly find keywords where your apps are already present and double-down on the most popular ones to increase impressions.

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Uncover keywords your competitors are using on the iPad

We watch millions of apps and update our keywords every hour, so all you have to do is choose your competitors and automatically see where they’re most successful on the iPad. “Borrow” those keywords for your own ASO, or use it to get ideas which you can further analyze with Keyword Inspector.

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Analyze search results as they appear on iPad

Quickly explore search results for any keyword by device with app and ad intelligence, and get more keyword ideas using our smart Related Keyword suggestions.

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Monitor your keyword performance in iPad search results over time

Once you select your keywords, track them to see how they perform, by device, with hourly updates. You can also set up alerts, so when your apps move in search results on the iPad, we’ll let you know automatically.

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Getting insight into the iPad App Store can open up a lot of optimization opportunities for universal apps, and is key to success with an iPad app, so go ahead and check out the data! iPad support is available on all plans at no additional cost.

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