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Is the App Store Frozen?

Yes it is!

Frozen in time, the App Store has not changed in over 24 hours. Our hourly rank updates show that with the exception of 12 and 6pm (est) yesterday, all app ranks remained the same. Those two updates balanced out the ranks so technically there were no changes at all. Kind of strange, wouldn’t you say?

Our guess is that the App Store we see now is coming from an older cached snapshot while Apple takes the time to make necessary repairs that will prevent future upside-down incidents like the one that happened the night before.

With the weekend being the better part of the week (revenue-wise) for most developers,  a frozen App Store will be sure to have a major revenue impact for developers. Heading into the weekend, we can do no more than cross our fingers and hope that Apple finishes the needed repairs and unfreezes the App Store.

Stuck up high? down low? or nowhere at all? Feel free to share your frozen experience by commenting.

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