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Major New Features Added

We’ve been quiet for some time with updates mainly because we were hard at work on some new major additions. So without further adou, here’s what’s been added:

1. Support for European date format

No more confusion for non-U.S based members. You can now select between U.S format (mm/dd/yy) or European (dd-mm-yy) by going to Settings > Profile. You may change the format at any time, changes take affect immediately and apply to all dates throughout the site for all tables, charts, and date inputs as well as email reports.

2. Daily snapshot table + detailed data-table for each country added to ranks

The charts for rank tracking are nice, but a data-table that lists today’s ranks and compares them to yesterday’s is even better.

When viewing all countries the data-table will show today’s snapshot by country, when switching to a single country the table will provide daily info for that country for the selected time period.

The tables have also been equipped with trend arrows to quickly tell you if you’re moving up, down, or just staying at the same place.

3. Italy and Switzerland are now being tracked as well

To complement the update ranks reports we’ve added tacking for Italy and Switzerland.

4. Option to view reviews for all countries in a single page

Yes, one click to get all reviews.

The reviews page has been updated as part of a multi-series updates to come. In this first installment we’ve added a quick link for all countries, all major countries, and all minor countries – all work just as a single country would including translation.

Note: Viewing reviews for all countries takes a bit longer than for a single country, so be patient.

5. Minor UI improvements throughout

We’ve modified and tweaked UI elements throughout to make the system more responsive and consistent. They are too minor to list but when you find them you’ll know.

And as a friendly reminder if you haven’t upgraded your trial account yet now is a great time, and you wont be charged until the trial ends.