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New and Updated Features

We’ve been getting a good number of feature requests lately and have rolled out an update that covers the most requested items:

1. Fiscal month selection in Profit by Region report.

A new drop down menu has been added to the report with months that correlate to Apple’s fiscal payout month. When you select a month the date range will update automatically.

Future ranges will be added when they become available from Apple.

2. Adding single event to multiple apps

You can now create a single event for one, multiple, or all apps (current and future) by selecting apps in the same way you would for an email report.

There’s a catch – you still can’t edit existing events… Don’t let it bring you down – it’s on our to do list.

3. Trend line

The main report now features an option to display the trend line of the current data. The trend will be displayed for as many apps as you select in both units and profit modes.

Feel free to make suggestions, its encouraged!