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New Design For The Blog

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this blog has undergone some visual renovations recently. What changed? We got rid of some of the clutter and created a better distinction between the different sections of the blog. We wanted the content to stand out while keeping everything simple. After all, content is king, right? Well, good design is important too so we tried to combine both memes.

Whenever I see a blog touting a new design I instinctively want to see what the old design was like. I guess us humans just love comparing things. So I managed to dig up this ancient screenshot of the old design and put it along site the new one:



We’ve also been touching up other parts of the site recently. For example the main menu has been ‘gradiented’ and made more lively. It also got a nice big support button to let everyone know how accessible our support team is. If you’re logged in you’ll see that we repositioned the reports into their own sub-menu which makes them a bit easier to access.

The features, about, and jobs page have also been touched with the magic brush. Now the blog has been well. You can expect to see more of these enhancements in important areas of the site (as well as the nooks and crannies) in the upcoming weeks and months. We hope our designers’ efforts will help make the user experience even smoother and just… funner.