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New Features: Multi User Access and User Defaults

We’ve been quiet for some time because we’ve been working on two new features that make appFigures even easier to use and share. You’ll also notice we shuffled some tabs between the Account and Settings pages. The same functionality is still there, now its just laid out in a way that make the Account page what it really is, the account management area while keeping the Settings page for managing user-specific settings.

So without further adou, the new features:

1. Share access to your figures with partners, teammates, or anyone else you want!

We’ve been getting quite a lot of feedback from members who want to let others access their appFigures account but dont want to share their own username and password. We understand. So we added support for sub user accounts.

Here’s how to add a user to your account:

  1. Log into your account and click the Account link from the top menu.adduser_prev
  2. Click the Users tab. This tab allows you to control who can access your account, the apps they are allowed to see, and their role.
  3. Click the Add New User link to open the add user popup.
  4. Fill in the fields (all are required), select a role for the user (admins can do everything, viewers can only, well, view), and finally, select which apps the user will have access to. Apps that are not selected will not be visible to the user at all, as if they do not exist.
  5. Remember to save, and you are done.

2. Set defaults for reports viewing

Another feature that has been requested by a large number of members is the ability to select the “default” settings that appFigures will use to render reports when you login to your account. We listened, and added a new Defaults tab to the Settings page that gives you control over the following:

  • Apps
  • Date Range for by Date and by Country reports
  • Date Range for Ranks report (you’d probably want it to be different than the other reports because its hourly)
  • Country, Filter, and Frequency for Ranks report

Go on, set your defaults and save (even more) time.