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New From appFigures: Hourly Rank Updates

You may have known this already but now we’re announcing it offcialy!

Ranks in the app store change quite often during the day (and sporadically as some may say – but thats a whole different topic). And since we love putting relevant data in front of you we decided to start updating ranks every hour. That’s right, we said every hour!

Starting August 5th, all countries that were tracked before are being tracked, all categories, both free and paid – Hourly.

Hourly data is accessible from the same report as before, simply select a single day in the date pickers and voilà!You can track hourly data for all countries together, or just a single country – just like before. And if you want the daily trend for a longer range just pick the dates you want and the report will chart daily data.

We also added a minor UI feature that lets you show/hide specific trend arrows from the data table. They can clutter the table sometimes.

FYI – This is part one of a two-part upgrade to the ranking section. The next addition is still a big secret but is coming soon (think automation, convenience, inbox…)

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