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New Look, New Features – It’s the Best appFigures Ever

What’s a major upgrade, you ask? Well, it’s one-half improvements under the hood to make your reports and experience even faster and one-half new features.

Let’s take a look:

Shiny Design

It’s been almost a full year since appFigures was born; so saying “this site’s design is so last year” was right on the mark. The result is a new look and feel for the site (and eventually this blog), that mixes a clean UI with the functionality you’re already used to.

P.S – We’ve been getting a whole lot of praise from our members about the new design over the last few hours and just wanted to say thanks!

Importing Monthly Free and Financial Reports

One of the most requested features by our users was supporting financial reports. We listened and now that’s part of appFigures.

Financial reports can be easily used in all reports throughout the platform and just like daily and weekly reports, they’ll be auto imported and stored in your archive.

PYMT File Support

Starting August 2009, Apple has started publishing PYMT files, which give developers information about current money transfers. The amounts are identical to the ones reported in the financial reports, the only difference is that a PYMT file shows actual payments heading your way.

We’re now auto importing them as well, and will email you a quick heads up when a new PYMT is available for your account. Think of it as a convenient payment alert.

Redesigned Country Report

Wouldn’t you like to see the geographical distribution of your sales? After all, it’s a big world and there are now 90 App Stores selling apps. We sure wanted to see it in an intuitive way, and a map came to save the day. Check it out!

Easy exporting capability

Another big user-requested feature was the ability to export data. We agree, and now you can export your by date, or by country reports to a tab separated file which can be opened by any spreadsheet application.

Timezone Support

Not everyone works on Eastern Standard Time. So, now you can change your timezone so that ranks accurately reflect your local time.

Sorting of data tables

We’ve made the reports UI even more flexible by making all data tables in all reports sortable. Click the header to sort by the column or the brave-at-heart can hold down shift and click to multisort.

A faster events management area

Events are a great way of tracking things that happen in the “real-world” by adding annotations to your charts. In the new appFigures we’ve brought them front and center and made the UI easier and faster.

For the past few months, our developers have been hard at work on all these goodies.  As you may have already seen, we finally rolled it out late last night, so make sure to check it out and let us know what you think!