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New Payment Regions

Apple recently changed their pricing matrix and added support for four more currencies: the Mexican Peso, Norwegian Kroner, New Zealand Dollar, and Swiss Frank. As of July 2011 each newly added currency will have its own financial report. This means you’ll be getting up to four more financial reports.

The new regions are now available in the Payments report.

Two things you’ll want to know:

  1. Because Apple opened the new regions mid-month, revenues for the early portion of the month use the old country regions. So, for example, your transactions that took place early in the month in Norway will appear in the Europe financial report, while the transactions that occurred later in the month will fall in the Norway report.
  2. Financial reports for the month of July have been released later and more sporadically than usual. Some reports were available two weeks ago, some earlier in the week, and some today.