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New: Report Status Page

We’ve just created a cool new Report Status Page to let you know when Apple publishes each day’s data. This page is a result of  the unpredictability of getting daily reports at a different time every day. If you share our itch for new data, this page is for you.

Now you’ll know the moment you have new numbers available–particularly useful when reports are constantly delayed (like last week). Taking a peek at this page will tell you if iTunes Connect has had its second cup of coffee already, or if it’s rolled over to hit snooze.


First and foremost, the green bar at the top of the page indicates that reports have been released. If the bar is yellow, stop furiously hitting refresh and try something more constructive: follow @itcstatus on Twitter. We’ll let you know the moment new reports are available. Right below the status bar is a graph with stats related to release times for the previous 30 days. All times are in your local time zone, so no need to calibrate anything.

The Report Status Page is available from the support menu at the top of every page and is available to all, even non appFigures members.


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