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Now Accepting PayPal

Now Accepting PayPal

Sometimes you just don’t want a monthly recurring charge. Until now that was the only way we could bill you: one month at a time every month. Well now you’ve got another option. We just released the ability to prepay your account with your credit card or with PayPal.

How It Works:

  • select a number of months to prepay (six or more)
  • easily pay with your credit card or PayPal account
  • enjoy appFigures worry-free as long as your prepay balance stays in the black

We’re really excited to offer this method as well as PayPal support! If you add apps during the prepay period they will still be charged normally, and when your prepay balance is running low we’ll give you a heads up. If the balance runs out we’ll just switch to billing monthly again, so no worries.

Additionally, we changed the way we treat apps that are activated or deactivated during the month to save you money. Instead of billing for the entire month if an app was active at all, we now prorate based on how many days the app was active.