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Our Plan to Grow

We can’t believe It’s been almost four months since we first released appFigures to the public! Our user-base has been growing tremendously, and with that growth comes the need to carefully plan our next steps. We’ve been hard at work recently, thinking about the best way to expand our platform while continuing to provide you with more features and security. We are now finally ready to present you with our plan to grow.

How it all started

appFigures started as a product of need. We had just released our first iPhone game and for the first two weeks didn’t mind logging into iTunes Connect, downloading, and using a spreadsheet to calculate yesterday’s total downloads and profit. But then the excitement wore off and the process became tedious and we found it hard to find meaningful info in all the data we’ve collected. So, we decided to create a platform that would do that and more. Once we had the first internal version up and running we were so happy with it that we knew other developers would love it as well and decided to make appFigures beta pubic.

After about four months of continuing development appFigures has gone from a simple, single chart system for our one app, to a multi-report platform that serves over 600 iPhone developers with over 3,000 apps worldwide. We figured you’d love it!

We’re now at the stage where we need to grow in order to continue providing you with the same, and better, appFigures platform. That is why starting soon appFigures will be coming out of beta and turning into a paid service. As any developer knows, it takes money to run a reliable and dependable service – we’re no different and we have great plans for appFigures’ future.

This is our plan for the next steps in our growth. We are sharing it with you because it’s your involvement that elevated appFigures to be one of the leading solutions for better iTunes Connect sales report viewing, and we think you’d like to know where we’re heading.

Why we need to charge

We’re serious about making appFigures the ultimate solutions of its kind. That is why we’ve invested a lot into making appFigures both user-friendly and uber secure. We use best-in-industry security monitoring from McAfee Secure, provide human tech support, and are constantly improving the platform and adding new features (that you ask for). All of these elements incur a cost—which we’ve been so far funding to get appFigures up and running. To maintain our high security standard and constantly expanding feature-set as our platform matures, we need to begin charging our members a monthly fee.

We’ve designed five pricing plans to fit each different type of appFigures member.

Promotion for existing members

Before we dive into prices we want you to know that we appreciate all the support and great suggestions we got from our members, and since we like to put our money where our mouth is we’ll be giving each and every member who has joined while appFigures is still in beta one free month of service and 50% off for the next two (2) months for any chosen plan. Yes, we’re serious!

Plans & Pricing

Price Plans have been updated on 7/10/09. The following plans are the most up-to-date.

Accounts with more apps will receive discounted rates:

  • 10 to 29 apps: 10% off.
  • 30 to 59 apps: 20% off.
  • 60 to 100 apps: 30% off.
  • More than 100 apps? Contact us for a publisher discount.

The Plans

Free Paid
Apps 2 2 – Expandable
One-click Sync
Upload reports
Auto Import
Email Reports Unlimited
Interactive Reports
Data Archive
Rank Tracking
Events Tracking 25 Unlimited
Support by Email
Access to member community
Cost Free! $4.99/mo.
+ $1.49/mo. for each additional app

(before discount, see above)

Why free accounts?

We know not all developers can afford this service from the get go, but don’t think anyone should be burdened with iTunes Connect.

So we’re offering a limited plan that is completely free. Why? Because we know that a satisfied member may consider upgrading when the time to grow comes. No rush.

What we’re working on:

From feature enhancements to bug fixes and improvements, appFigures is constantly being updated. While our main goal is to keep everything running smoothly, we are quietly working on some brand new features to be rolled out in the upcoming months.

Major additions (more details to follow):

  • App performance report – Easily compare all your apps and see which one is doing better with an easy to read table.
  • App management area – A new section that will help you to organize your apps by easily grouping them together, selecting default apps for your reports, and customizing the order of their appearance.
  • Link Tracking System – If you advertise your app you’ll probably want to track its clicks so you know if it was worth the price. With this new feature you’ll be able to view clicks in real time.
  • Smarter Reviews – An intelligent review section that downloads your reviews, shows you new reviews with a single click, emails you reviews every morning, lets you search and filter, and more.
  • A native appFigures iPhone App – Email reports are a great way to keep track of your stats, but as an iPhone Dev, you probably own an iPhone, so we’re planning to put all of the power of in the palm of your hand with push notifications and the whole shebang.


You’ve heard our plans, now we’d like to hear about yours. We’ve tried to break everything down to the fairest solution possible. If you disagree, or if you totally love it, please let us know.

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