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Plan Change: You Decide Which Apps to Import!

After thorough consideration and some great back-end improvements we are happy to announce that appFigures will no longer force you to import (and pay for) all apps in your iTunes account, just the ones you actually want to track. Regardless of whether they are being offered for sale or not.

Our previous decision to include all apps was based on the technical implementation of the way auto importing works. Over the past couple of days however our development team has made great progress with making the import process more flexible to allow for this change.

This is not to say that there no implications on appFigures’ end, but we do believe that these short-term implications will ensure our members are more satisfied and to better long-term success.

Please note: This is a preliminary announcement. We are working on the full technical implementation on both back and front ends of the system. We aim to complete the implementation of all necessary modifications to allow you to select the apps you want before your trial is over.

If you have upgraded already – You will have the ability to disable apps before your first payment is due.

We will follow up with a how-to post within the next few days.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions in this matter.

Ariel Michael and the appFigures Team

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