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Possibly Incomplete Reports From iTunes Connect For 6/27

Some members with tracked iOS apps have been letting us know that the numbers they’re seeing in their appFigures account for today’s report are different from the numbers provided by iTunes Connect. This is caused by an issue originating from iTunes Connect similar to Monday’s incomplete report issue. More on the root cause in a bit, but first:

A fix is currently being deployed and affected members will have the new, correct numbers in their appFigures accounts within a few hours at most.

We are fixing this issue by grabbing the latest data from iTunes Connect again for all the affected accounts with auto import turned on. If you are on a free plan or do not have auto import turned on we can’t do this automatically. You’ll need to manually remove the report for 6/27 from your Archive and re-sync.

We are working to make sure this does not happen again! If you’re interested in the technical details please read on.

As you probably know appFigures gets all of the download and sales info about your apps directly from your iTunes Connect account (ITC). ITC makes these reports available every day, though often at varying hours of the day (that’s why we made @itcstatus). The one thing you could always count on though is that once a report is released by Apple it contains all the sales/download data for that day…

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case any more. If you log into your ITC account early in the morning and look at your sales numbers they may only contain half the data, only to become complete several minutes later.

We have been studying this flimsy report issue closely for a couple of weeks, and today we’re rolling our extra measures to ensure reports will always be correct the first time you see them on appFigures.