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Reporter Sign In Changes

Next week Apple will roll out a token authentication system for Reporter, a tool used for accessing some of the data iTunes Connect provides. Once the update is out, using Reporter will require a token instead of a username and password.

We’ve received a few questions from members about how this will effect syncing over the last few days, and wanted to share our response with everyone.

We’ve added support for tokens. It’s completely seamless, and there’s nothing you need to do. Syncing will continue to work normally.

Under the hood, we use a combination of tools to bring in every dataset we can from iTunes Connect quickly and reliably, and Reporter is one of those. When using Reporter, we’ll look for an existing token in the account first. If we find a valid one we’ll use it, otherwise we’ll generate a new one.

Although we support tokens, linking an account still requires using your username and password because Reporter does not provide access to all of the datasets we need. A dedicated sub-user is still the most secure way to link an iTunes Connect account.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly.