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Reviews For iBooks, Faster Search, And More…

We’re never really “done” with a report or feature, but are always working hard to make them even better. For the last few months we’ve been doing just that for the new Reviews report, and here are the most recent updates:

We’re now importing reviews for iBooks

By popular demand, we’re now showing reviews for iBooks in the new report. iBook reviews get all the new features that up until now were only available to apps. Enjoy!

Scanning for new reviews more often

To be able to add all the new features to reviews we had to switch away from real-time scans to scanning for new reviews in the background. Initially we started with a scan every few days but have been scaling that and are now scanning for new reviews multiple times per day so your reviews should always be up to date.

Keyword and author search is faster

We’ve been making infrastructure improvements so searches are now even snappier than before.

Improved integration with email reports

Email reports are now getting fed the most recent reports so you can stay up to date. Reviews can be translated to the language of your choice as well.

To change how reviews are displayed in your email reports go to Account settings > Email Reports →

A brand new API route

Up until now the new reviews engine was not available through the API. In v2 of our API all of the new features were added to a completely redesigned route that’s simple and intuitive.

Check out the documentation for more details.