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Something Is Wrong With iTunes Connect Today

Update (3/18 6pm est): It looks like iTunes Connect has been fixed. The spikes have been removed and the downloads now match the raw reports.

Earlier today we started receiving reports about differences in data between iTunes Connect and appFigures. All the reports had the same pattern: iTC is showing more downloads than appFigures, and the data shown in iTC for yesterday (3/18) is significantly higher than expected.

After reviewing multiple reports and comparing raw data from the appFigures archive to raw data in iTC it seems there is no discrepancy at all in the raw numbers. When we then compare these numbers to what’s displayed in our iTC graph, it appears that what Apple’s showing is too high. This makes us think the issue stems from iTC. The raw report Apple provides, which is what we import into your account, just doesn’t match the graphs or tables in the iTC dashboard.

You can double check this by going into your iTC account’s Sales page, downloading the raw reports and adding up the units manually, then comparing to the graphs in the iTC dashboard.

So if you were really excited about today’s spike in sales we’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news but it’s probably just a mistake on Apple’s side :(

We believe that the sales data currently in your appFigures account is the correct version, but we can’t know for sure until there’s word from Apple. Either way we’ll make sure that your appFigures account is in sync.

FYI – We reached out to Apple about this issue and will update this post when/if we get a response.