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The Intelligent Filter: a Better Way to Graph Ranks

When looking at your Ranks page, depending on the success of an app in a given country and category, it can be tough to get a clear idea of that app’s performance seeing it in a traditional 1-400 scale.

Enter a new way to graph ranks data: our Intelligent Filter. What makes it “intelligent”? To begin with, we cut dead space from the graph, so if an app consistently ranks in the 70s, you won’t have any portion of your graph dedicated to 1-50 or 100-400. This frees up a ton of room to give the app space, clarifying ups and downs so you can spot trends quickly and accurately.

What if in the Games category the app tends to rank in the 70s, but in the Top Overall category it’s usually between 225 and 325? In this scenario we break your graph into two independent sections, cutting out the empty white space in between.

Notice how the segment for the top rank spans 50 spots while the segment for the bottom rank spans 125 spots? This is indicative of the app’s performance in each category. In Games it’s fairly consistent and in Top Overall it has larger swings both up and down.

If you’re a veteran member you might recognize this filter. The new intelligent filter is similar to the previous version but this one’s even more intelligent.

While intelligent, this new filter may not fit everyone. You can always switch to one of the other filters to get a conventional graph. Above the graph you’ll see a pull down menu with more options.