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The Ultimate Showdown

A few months ago we (somewhat) sponsored and (mostly) hung out at an incredible iPhone development conference, 360iDev.

Part of being a sponsor meant we could throw a Tuesday-night nerd party. So naturally we chose to have a sumo competition for an iPad. Recently a video of this abomination to good taste surfaced and we knew we needed to show it to you.

This was the final showdown. A lot was at stake. Men were made and broken in inflatable suits. To the winner: everlasting glory and a smooth, sexy electronic joy-machine. To the loser: a beer and a promise that we wouldn’t tell his wife.

Take a look:

Thanks to David “Bloodsausage” Ballard of TapMeGames
and Doug “The Baconator” Sjoquist of Sunetos, Inc for being great sports and putting on a jolly good show.