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Top 200 Ranking + Hourly Rank Updates From All App Stores – All in v1.1

We’ve been busy working on version 1.1 for quite some time and are happy to announce its finally here. Here’s what’s new:

1. Hourly rank updates from all App Stores worldwide – Starting today, appFigures is tracking ranks from all 77 app stores across the globe, hourly! That means you’ll now have access to all possible ranks in a single report.

To save you some precious time, the report now remembers your previous selections.

2. Tracking of ranks in “Top Grossing” category – iTunes 9.0 recently added this entirely new category. Top Grossing is now tracked in all the app stores every hour.

3. Top 200 rank updates – iTunes 9.0 also added top 200 ranking for all categories and so we did too.

Please note – Apple seems to have halted top 200 reporting and reverted back to top 100 only. Since we’ve designed the new rank report to take top 200 we’ll be ready when they’ll turn top 200 on again and will retrieve it automatically.

Minor modifications and additions:

  • Review fetching times are now much faster.
  • Sync times have improved as well.
  • More flexible default date range selection. You can now quickly select the number of days, weeks, or months to use.
  • The ‘By Date’ report now remembers your last used settings.
  • Set the default country for reviews from the Defaults page.
  • Improved community.
  • General optimizations improve report loading times.

As always, your feedback is welcome. Comment, tweet, or contact us directly and tell us what you think.

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