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v1.1 of Our API is Now Out

About a year ago we launched an API. We’ve since seen it used in web apps, private dashboards, and even in a few iPhone apps.

Our original intention for v1.1 was to add support for non-apple products without changing the API’s request/response structure. While we had to make some changes, the overall structure remains pretty much the same.

What’s new in v1.1?

Apps are now products. In case you didn’t know, we track iBooks and plan to track more non-app content in the future. This makes the term product a much better fit.

Products no longer rely on their apple id, but rather on an appfigures-generated product id. You’ll see this has changed in all routes.

v1.1 is also a little cleaner. We’ve removed some deprecated properties and updated some confusing property names to make the responses simpler to work with.

Check out the updated API documentation and read the Migration Guide for more details.

Client Libraries

JSON is a pretty simple format to work with, but we know that a native client library would be even simpler. So we’re working on client libraries in a few languages starting with PHP, and will be making them available on github in the coming weeks.

If you’re working on a library and want to share it, or need help making it even awesome let us know, we can help.

v1.0 is still supported!

Yes. We’ll continue to support v1.0 until January 31st 2012.

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