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We Brought Top 200 Rank Back

iTunes 9 brought with it Top 200 lists for all categories which was a welcome addition by all means. Their sudden dissappearance three days later was a mystery and to some a tragedy.


Several days ago we were tipped by one of our members about a feed coming directly from Apple that shows top 200 ranks. We didnt believe it at first but it all checked out. So while Apple disabled top 200 through iTunes they left a feed up for the world to use, and we did!

We’ve just rolled out the top 200 update and have been tracking top 200 since 5pm EST

Unlike other similar services, we do not manipulate data in any way to get these results (manipulation = inaccuracy), we use the feed exactly as Apple serves it.

* Keep in mind that iTunes still shows only the top 100 apps so anything below is for informative purposes only (and could be a sign of things to come)

(Thanks for the tip Iliya)