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We Now Support JSON Feed

A popular feature built into the reviews report is the ability to create custom RSS feeds for new reviews. Set relevant filters, press a button, and get a unique RSS feed you can import into your favorite reader or your own code.

Today we’re excited to release a small but fundamental enhancement to our reviews feeds: JSON Feed support.

We have a lot of technical members and we know they like to integrate app reviews into their existing tools and workflows in creative ways. If you’re still reading, you’re probably one of them.

RSS feeds are great for consuming content and also for working with data programmatically. Our API gives full access to reviews, but sometimes you just want something simple to hack on. The advantage of using the RSS feed is that it doesn’t require an authentication step and is super simple to set up right from the reviews report. The downside from a programmer’s point of view is that XML can be a bit of a hassle to parse with modern tools.

JSON Feed, co-authored by long time Appfigures member Manton Reece, provides a format that’s very similar to RSS but uses JSON instead of XML. For example, here is a JSON feed that’ll show you the latest reviews for our iPhone app:

We think this is pretty neat, and hope this new format makes it even easier to consume data. Porting our existing RSS feed into a JSON one was actually quite simple as well. It probably took more time to write and edit this blog post.

For us, supporting JSON Feed serves two purposes. In the long run, we’re doing our part to help replace XML with JSON, and in the short run we’re giving our more technical users a simple way to interact with their data.

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