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We’re Now Importing Sales Data Directly From Google Play

For a while developers that don’t have API access to Google Checkout, which is a lot of developer, were unable to view sales data in their appFigures reports, just download and updates. Those days are over!

Today we’re rolling out support for both estimated sales reports and monthly payout reports from Google Play. This means you’ll now have transactional data for paid apps as well as in-app purchases without needing to have API access to Google Checkout.

There is however one caveat: estimated sales reports are always two days behind. For this reason we will continue to provide support for Google Checkout API and recommend linking it if you have the ability.

So, if you’ve already linked your Google Play account sales data should already be available in your account. If you haven’t done it yet now would be a good time. Go ahead and link it.

You can learn more about the new reports on the Android Developers blog.