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What’s Up With iTunes Connect?

As you already know iTunes Connect was supposed to shut down for a week starting the 22nd. Apple does this annually without explaining why. We reckon it’s a fragile part of their system which isn’t a core component and they’d rather not worry about it during this time, but this isn’t the purpose of this post.

In the last two years the shutdown started pretty much on schedule. This year however, iTunes Connect didn’t go down on the 22nd but waited until the 23rd, and as of the 24th, is still up with reports for some.

At this time we, along most other developers, can no longer login to iTunes Connect, which is why syncing has been disabled on the site.

If you are one of the few who still can, download your report and then upload it into your appFigures account.

P.S. If you’ve received an email earlier saying “We were unable to login to your iTunes Connect account” this is the reason. It can safely be ignored.