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Integration Review – Geckoboard

Lots of services use our API these days. From dedicated mobile apps to multi-service dashboards. When we come across a new integration we take it for a spin and review it in the process.

Today we’re reviewing Geckoboard.

Geckoboard is a business dashboard that brings together a variety of metrics from different service providers to give you an overview of data that matters at a glance. Geckoboard is available on the web and also natively on iOS, which makes it really easy to use anywhere.

The guys at Geckoboard recently updated the appFigures widgets to work with the newest version of our API, which makes the integration even faster and more secure with OAuth.

Geckoboard implements almost every end point we offer in the API which means that your dashboard will have access to sales, ads, ranks, and even ratings. We found the widgets really easy to customize and filter to get a high level over view at a glance. The ability to compare the data to a previous date made the widgets even more meaningful.

Geckoboard offers a free 30 day trial so if you’re in the market for a new dashboard we recommend giving Geckoboard a try.

Note: All appFigures Geckoboard widgets are maintained by Geckoboard. If you’re running into any issues linking your account or pulling data please get in touch with Geckoboard’s support directly.