New Pricing Plans

As you probably already know, we recently released the initial pricing structure we will be implementing when appFigures comes out of beta later this month. We’ve received a lot of feedback from members who asked for more flexibility with different amounts of apps. First we’d like to thank everyone for your suggestions and critiques, it shows us you care. In turn we decided to revise the plan structure a bit to allow for more flexibility.

What’s changed?

Free plan: The free plan now includes unlimited Sync on Demand.

Paid plan: Instead of having to pay for a package with a set number of apps and potentially more apps than you really have, start with the basic plan and add as many apps as you need. You can add more apps to your plan at any time.

Accounts with more apps will receive discounted rates:

  • 10 to 29 apps: 10% off.
  • 30 to 59 apps: 20% off.
  • 60 to 100 apps: 30% off.
  • More than 100 apps? Contact us for a publisher discount.

The Plans

Free Paid
Apps 2 2 – Expandable
One-click Sync
Upload reports
Auto Import
Email Reports Unlimited
Interactive Reports
Data Archive
Rank Tracking
Events Tracking 25 Unlimited
Support by Email
Access to member community
Cost Free! $4.99/mo.
+ $1.49/mo. for each additional app

(before discount, see above)