Bring App Data Into Your Big Picture With the Grow Integration

We love seeing how other companies use our API to bring actionable mobile data into their solutions. Today we’re going to look at Grow, a powerful reporting and BI dashboard platform.

Grow’s goal is to bring actionable data into every part of your company. From mobile data to expenses and performance, Grow focuses on making disparate data sets easily accessible.

Use Appfigures for app analytics in your Grow dashboards

What we like:

  • Visualizations are simple and easy to understand
  • Data updates in real-time
  • Lots of integrations
  • A clean mobile app that’s easy to use for technical and non-technical folks alike.

While trying out Grow we came up with pretty interesting data combinations you might also find useful:

  • Mailing list open rates (from MailChimp) + App downloads + Daily Active Users – A simple way to see if those marketing updates are actually driving engagement.
  • Website pageviews (Google Analytics) + App Store Views – Keep track of how well your app’s marketing site/page is at getting potential users over to the app store.
  • Total revenue (Appfigures) vs. Expenses (Quickbook or your bank account) – Visualize your bottom line.

This is just a taste of what you can do with Grow + Appfigures. Give a try or check out other dashboards we’re built into.

Wider In-App Analytics Coverage With Flurry Analytics

Track in-app usage along side downloads, sales, ranks, and more with the Flurry Analytics integration for Appfigures

Having all your app performance data in a single place is a necessity when making data-driven decisions. This is why we’re constantly working to connect with more data sources that our members use for tracking downloads, revenue and in-app usage.

Today we’re expanding coverage for in-app usage tracking with support for Flurry Analytics, one of the top 5 most installed analytics SDKs in iOS and Android apps.

When you connect your Flurry Analytics account, we’ll automatically sync usage data, including: active devices, sessions, and more for all your apps.

The new data will be available in the Usage reporting suite, so you can break it down by date, country, and app. In addition, usage will also be available as a secondary metric in your sales and ads reports, so you can quickly connect the dots and make comparisons across different data sets like revenue and active users.

This integration is available to all members across all plans. Link your Flurry Analytics account by going into Account settings > Linked accounts.

With more than 50 integrations, we make it easy to keep track of all your apps from a single dashboard. However, if there’s a data source you use and we don’t support yet we’d love to know about it.

Track app sales, hourly ranks, in-app usage, and more with Appfigures

New Integration – ONE by Aol

Benchmark ONE By Aol with Appfigures

We’ve integrated with Aol’s new ad network ONE, so you can track your revenue and other monetization metrics right from your Appfigures reports.

The new integration brings the full set of ad metrics, including: requests, impressions, clicks, and revenue, into the ads suite of reports, so you get the most accurate bottom line through the site, app, and API.

Use the ads suite or reports to easily benchmark your ad revenue and performance across countries, apps, and networks.

With more than 50 integrations, we make it easy to keep track of every thing, but if there’s a data source you use and we don’t support please let us know.

Coming Soon: appFigures Data in Your Adobe Analytics Dashboard

appFigures + Adobe

Earlier today Adobe announced that appFigures will soon be providing app store data to Adobe Analytics. That’s huge news for us and the timing couldn’t be any better, as next week we’ll be turning six!

We work hard to make app store analytics accessible, so when Adobe reached out to us a few months ago we were very excited to extend the data we’re already providing beyond the walls of appFigures. We know that the more data you have the better decisions you can make, and that’s the key to success.

We like working with Adobe for many reasons, but one that is very important to us is their approach to handling sensitive data, which is very similar to ours – your private data is yours, not ours. That’s why we don’t sell or share it with anyone.

Adobe’s Analytics Dashboards provides a variety of marketing metrics, and coming soon, those metrics will include a variety of app store metrics, including: detailed app downloads and revenue, hourly ranks, and app ratings. The integration, which we’re working to release later in April, will be available as a free add-on to all enterprise and publisher accounts.

We’re planning to start testing the integration later this month. If you’re using Adobe Analytics and would like to help with testing please get in touch.

New Integrations: AdColony, Playhaven, RevMob and Vungle

appFigures adds support for AdColony, Playhaven, RevMob, and Vungle

One of our core features is showing you all of your revenue. Whether it’s app sales, in-app purchases or advertising, you need to see an accurate bottom line in a single place, without having to log into multiple providers. To make that happen, in the last few months we’ve been focusing on ad networks. A few weeks ago we rolled out two new integrations and today we’re rolling out four more: AdColony, Playhaven, RevMob, and Vungle.

To link your ad networks, open Account settings → Linked accounts and click the Link account button. Reports from the newly linked account(s) will be available within a few minutes on the site, as well as through the API.

We now support nine ad networks including: iAd, AdMob, InMobi, Chartboost, Tapjoy, Playhaven, AdColony, RevMob, and Vungle.

P.S – If you’re using a network we haven’t integrated yet, please let us know.

We Now Support Chartboost and InMobi

We have great news for developers who are monitizing with Chartboost and InMobi. Today we’re rolling out integrations for both ad networks!

appFigures now support Chartboost and InMobi

To link your Chartboost or InMobi accounts, simply go into Account settings > Linked accounts.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about the new integrations.

More integrations are coming!

If Chartboost or InMobi aren’t the networks you use, don’t worry, we’ve got a few more integrations in the pipeline. We’re always looking for beta testers, so if you’d like to help just let us know.

Integration Review – Geckoboard

Lots of services use our API these days. From dedicated mobile apps to multi-service dashboards. When we come across a new integration we take it for a spin and review it in the process.

Today we’re reviewing Geckoboard.

Geckoboard is a business dashboard that brings together a variety of metrics from different service providers to give you an overview of data that matters at a glance. Geckoboard is available on the web and also natively on iOS, which makes it really easy to use anywhere.

The guys at Geckoboard recently updated the appFigures widgets to work with the newest version of our API, which makes the integration even faster and more secure with OAuth.

Geckoboard implements almost every end point we offer in the API which means that your dashboard will have access to sales, ads, ranks, and even ratings. We found the widgets really easy to customize and filter to get a high level over view at a glance. The ability to compare the data to a previous date made the widgets even more meaningful.

Geckoboard offers a free 30 day trial so if you’re in the market for a new dashboard we recommend giving Geckoboard a try.

Note: All appFigures Geckoboard widgets are maintained by Geckoboard. If you’re running into any issues linking your account or pulling data please get in touch with Geckoboard’s support directly.

Two New 3rd Party iPhone Apps for appFigures

Visualizing data is as much personal taste as it is science. Since we released our API back in 2010 several members have created and published mobile apps that consume the API and visualize reports to their heart’s content. What’s great is that all of those apps are available on the App Store so there’s a good variety for everyone to choose from.

This month two new apps join the list, which now includes seven 3rd party iPhone apps! We took both apps for a spin and here’s what we think:

Sales – The appFigures Companion

Developer: Will Townsend

Sales describes itself as a mobile companion to the appFigures site. The app has a very simple and intuitive design built for iOS7. Sales give you an at-a-glance view of your most important information, your profits and reviews.


Logging into Sales is easy and secure thanks to the OAuth integration. With OAuth the app never sees your appFigures password.

Once logged in, the app opens to an almost full-screen bar graph of sales with totals at the top. Tapping and holding a single bar shows data for the chosen day. By default all apps are included, but that can be changed in the filters section along with the date range.

If you have IAPs you’ll notice that they’re not available in the app filter list; that’s because Sales merges the downloads and profits of all IAPs together (just like we do in email reports). We think this is a nice touch for a true overview.

Sales is currently the only app on the App Store that takes advantage of the new reviews route of our API and does so with a simple list of your most recent. Each review shows the date, rating, and the author. Unlike the sales section, however, there’s no way to filter reviews in the current version. Hopefully that will change in the future.


Sales is a great way to get a quick overview of your sales and reviews. Will did a great job keeping things simple while still displaying enough data.

On the app’s site, Will mentions more features are currently in the making. You can see what he’s up to on the app’s public Trello board.

Find out more on or get it for $1.99 on the App Store.

The Stat App

Developer: Paddy Donnelly and Alain Hufkens

The Stat App takes a different spin on simplicity. The app is very clean and focuses strictly on profit with a beautifully designed UI that’s really easy and fun to look at.


Logging into The Stat App, just like logging into Sales, is very smooth and secure thanks to the OAuth integration.

From the beginning it’s very obvious what the app is all about–profit and downloads. The main screen includes those two numbers in really large font. But don’t let that fool you, there’s much more. Swipe to the left or right to change the date, or down to select a different granularity.

Just under the main screen you’ll find a list of profit and downloads broken down by app. Tap an app and you’ll be taken to a single-app view with totals. Swipe up to see a breakdown of both profit and downloads by country.

You’ll notice that like Sales, The Stat App also combines IAPs profit and downloads into the app they belong to. The Stat App goes a step further and shows a total for IAPs as well.


Paddy and Alain did a great job with the design and interactions of the app. The way gestures are implemented makes operating the app with one hand a breeze. Unlike other 3rd party appFigures apps, The Stat App uses freemium pricing, which we think is clever.

Find out more on or get it for free on the App Store.

Important: Both apps were developed by 3rd parties that aren’t directly affiliated with appFigures. Please visit the developers via their respective sites directly for questions, comments, or feature suggestions.

Check Is a New 3rd-Party App for appFigures

Since going live in 2010 our API has been used by many developers for a variety of things. From dashboard integrations to mobile clients. We really get excited when we find new integrations in the wild so when the guys at Lemon Labs told us about their brand new app, Check, we took it for a spin right away.


Check brings your sales and downloads to your iPhone with a minimalistic UI that’s as beautiful as it is simple. Getting set up with Check is pretty easy, just enter your appFigures credentials and the app does the rest (we made sure there’s no funky business going on there). Once synced you’ll get your sales, downloads, and updates in an overview screen. But there’s more! Swipe and you’ll get to see trends based on your time selection.

Check is available on the App Store →.

Disclaimer: Check was developed by a 3rd party that is not affiliated with us. For any questions, comments, or feature suggestions please contact Lemon Labs directly.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways our API is being used so if you’ve developed an app/website that uses our API and would like us to check it out please let us know.